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May 14 2009

“School is not over!”

Suddenly, after a semester of “ok” to “pretty good” behavior in most of my classes, my students seem to have picked up the idea that the time has come to begin acting like buffoons. I am displeased. Examples:

I rewarded about 40 of my “most well behaved” students with a field trip yesterday to a nearby college campus. At the end of the trip, one of my smartest honors students decided to yell at the field trip coordinator, “Your hair stank!” WHAT? Another incident: We held a “last call” for the restroom before leaving the college campus for the hour-and-a-half drive back to our school. TWENTY MINUTES INTO THE BUS RIDE, two students who inexplicably had chosen not to take advantage of the restroom facilities stood up and began yelling at the bus driver that they were going to pee in their pants, pee on other individuals, “go R. Kelly on” F (umm…SO gross), etc. One of these two students then threw balls of paper toward the front of the bus. Again, WHAT? (Anaphora.) Predictably enough, I refused to stop, and the Bladder Brothers suffered on in silence.

The Field Trip Philanderers received dispositions, of course, as well as parent phone calls. Their parents were appropriately aghast, thank goodness.

Also. Today, while taking the NWEA, my third period class was perhaps the most hyper I have ever seen them. David stood up and pretended to fall on the floor, Brittany and Shakedra wouldn’t stop whispering, and Brandon and Darrian spontaneously cracked jokes DURING the assessment. I told them that I would play some soft music if they were silent. Then, once that happened, Ed tucked his arms into his shirt and began swaying and singing along with Ciara’s “Never Ever.” During the test. Comical, perhaps, but not exactly acceptable.

‘Scuse me. Kids have begun shrieking at each other in what should be an empty hallway outside my classroom.

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  1. wearepennstate

    My kids are acting the same way…its like the curse of May. You have me nervous- I’m taking them on a field trip tomorrow!

  2. Mom

    Hallelujah! I am sure that your first year ended on a good note. Peace be with you! :)

  3. admin

    Hi Here and Now. Just wanted to encourage you to keep up your blogging next year. During this past year, people were reading. :) In fact, more than 10,400 people visited your blog since September.

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