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Apr 12 2009


On a rainy Sunday like today, I can’t help but curl up on the couch and write in my blog. Or at least think about it.

I need to get reacquainted with this thing. As the months have marched on – as the weather has changed from Mosquito to Frost to Flood, and my teaching has gone from ohmygodwhatamidoingtomorrow to okmaybeiamnotterribleatthis, and my stress level has gradually declined (on average) throughout this frenzied first year of teaching – my need for blog-catharsis has become less urgent and less frequent. Although the current state of affairs is much better than last semester’s, the written record of my teaching has become regrettably sparse as the teaching itself has improved. Hrmmph. Seems I’m leaving a negatively skewed impression of my teaching years. Posterity and future biographers of Ms. ____, I am sorry.

Dedicated readers (er, family and friends from home) have filed a number of complaints for my lack of posts, to which I have responded dissatisfactorily. I apologize for this oversight as well.

That said, I’m going to add to the disappointment now by not writing just yet.

Yes, yes, I know you’re annoyed. I know you’re incredulous. And for the third time in one post, I am sorry. I just have papers to grade and significant planning to do for the coming week. If you’re reading this, though, I want you to know that the new goal is to write at least one meaningful post per week.

The first entry I have in mind is about a student named Deiun. Hold me to it.

P.S. Happy Easter!

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