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Mar 03 2009

I think we might be getting somewhere

As a written record to which I can refer on future days that are not as good…today I wrote down some humorous, sweet, and otherwise cool things my students said.

Exasperated voices before the bell: “Sit down and be quiet so we can listen to music!!!”

Cacophony: “I wanna be Creon (Antigone, Ismene, Choragos, etc.) today!”

“Man, we do some kinda work in this class EVERY day!”

Cashlyn, using a word she learned recently: “Ms. ____, let’s go over the answers. I’m anxious!”

A student who started the year with phenomenal anger management problems (whispering): “Ms. ____, just for you I’m not gonna let him get to me.”

(Following one of my obnoxious singsong chants) “Ms. ____, I oughta get you a parrot.”  

Excitedly, from students who scored well on makeup quizzes today: “Is my name gonna get added to the wall?!” 

Several students, with concern: “Am I on track for Beautiful Behavior this week?” / “Why wasn’t I on the list last week?” (This is another way to get your name on the wall.)

(Pointing to a quote about inner strength in a book by Walter Dean Myers) “Ms. ___, I underlined this sentence because it really hit me.” 

Goofball Student #1, annoyed: “Stop touching Ms. ____’s hair, [Goofball Student #2's name].” — Goofball Student #2, indignant: “But she my favorite teacher!” (This is a favorite topic of commentary for Goofball Student #2, who once angrily rebuked another student for “giving attitude to his favorite teacher.”  Hahahaha. He has worked really hard all year — resulting in more than two years’ growth in reading level in the first semester alone. I’m really proud of him.)

And my favorite. This one comes from a kid who struggles, struggles, struggles – even more than most. He’d just explained a fairly complex comma usage rule to another student:

(Elatedly) “Ms. ____, I’m smart!!!”


P.S. I recently found out that I get to roll up with my students next year and teach 11th grade, which is the state-tested year in Arkansas. YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Megan

    Hey you. I was just re-reading some of your blog entries – I hope all is well in the Delta. I also hope you know that I admire you *a lot* for committing to TFA, and for continuing to approach it with your characteristic combination of passion, wit, and good will. In other words, you’re awesome. Have a good one.

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