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Jan 22 2009

Comments on a Thursday evening

So it looks like I volunteered today to start a choir at the after-school program.

It also looks like I am brimming with enthusiasm. I’m grinning right now. Thank goodness my housemate M knows how to play the piano…because my skill set consists of the following:

1. The voice of an angel. (Ha.)

2. An artillery of embarrassing dance moves, mostly involving jazz hands and/or “blades.”

3. Intensity. (This is the most significant thing I bring to the table.)

In other news, please review a conversation that took place during my second period class today: 

Cashlyn (interrupting read-aloud; not pointing to anything, nor actually seeming to refer to anyone in particular): You know — you look like her, Ms. ____.

Me: Wait. What?  

Cashlyn: You know…his wife!


Me: You know how I always tell you all to be more specific and descriptive, and to give examples and information and stuff?

Cashlyn: Aggh…Crystal, what’s her name?

Crystal (ponders for 0.2 seconds): Oh, you mean Obama’s wife? Yeah. Michelle. You shoooww right!

Me: What?!

Chorus: Yeah, you really do! Cool!!!

They proceeded to explain that “it’s mostly when I smile.” In any case, the revelation means that two groups — my housemates were first – have now independently identified some vague similarity in our facial structure. I think I like it… 

Finally, on a separate yet still important note: The back of a receipt in my purse contains a list of people whose phone calls and/or e-mails I have yet to return. If you happen to be one of those individuals, and you happen to be reading this humble little blog post, please know via the Internets that I haven’t forgotten you.

4 Responses

  1. Jeff

    I’m impressed that you are starting a chorus, but shouldn’t you be starting an Art Club?

  2. hereandnow

    Thank you, Jeff. My peppers and I thank you.

  3. Melissa

    Uhhh…. You totally DO look like Michelle Obama. And it is all in the smile. That is awesome! :)

  4. Marsha Franklin

    Hi, Kate! I ran across your blog and read the last few entries – they make me homesick to see you! It’s no surprise to learn that you are embracing your work with your usual 150% commitment. Lucky students! Just one short year ago you were getting ready for NAFAC! Things are good in WH 210. All the best, Marsha

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