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Oct 08 2008

A very good day

This post probably won’t be particularly interesting to non-teachers, but I just wanted to say –

The kids are starting to get used to reading and writing on command, and with stricter time constraints!

I just realized today how much less I have to twist students’ arms than I did at the beginning of the year. Something is clicking, if ever so slowly.

It also just occurred to me that even if I falter, and no matter how discouraged I sometimes become, I am really enjoying teaching and being around these kids. The quality of our rapport has improved dramatically since the year’s rocky beginning. I really like these kids, and I think they like me too (even though I expect a lot from them).

I still think my expectations should be even higher, though. But — one step at a time. I’ll keep the faith that we can ratchet it up after overcoming some initial inertia. Let’s not ruin the moment.

Oh my goodness, I am so happy.

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